Preclean Services

Bespoke Software


Preclean provide services across the Greater London area, from post-construction to routine residential cleaning. They serve a variety of clients, including landlords, letting agencies, and private customers.



The company has multiple jobs across a wide area every day. These can be part of long term contracts, or one off. Reports have to be sent to clients with before and after pictures. The office had to manually assign jobs to each team every day. Timesheets and job pictures being sent via WhatsApp etc. Scheduling became difficult as the company grew. Instructions, messages, and pictures were being sent over social media, and it became a struggle for the office to keep up.



STRAX Studio worked hand in hand with Preclean over several months to perfect a fast, streamlined system with an intuitive UX. We built a web-based interface for the office, and an Android app for the employees. The system keeps track of bookings, creates estimates, generates reports, and invoices customers - all separated in individual sections.

Preclean Services