Hair & Blush

Web Development


Hair & Blush was founded in 2019 by makeup artist Cami Esses and hairstylist Yocheved Gross. They are both brilliant in their respective fields and came together to create hours of video courses teaching their skills.



The uniqueness of this project posed many challenges. It would need a website that could sell the product, with a portal for customers to watch the courses. There was also a considerable amount of security needed so that the videos couldn't be pirated or shared.



Working with the fabulous Fimo Group who designed the website, STRAX Studio created a backend for users who had purchased courses. They could then access resources, get in touch with the founders, and watch the courses on any device, on the go. This enabled us to provide powerful analytics for the company, advise them on their clientele, and where to focus their growth.

Hair & Blush